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Services: As a full-service liquidation provider, we offer several options for your unique circumstance. Know who you're letting into your home. Sharp Estate Services, L.L.C. (SES) is insured. Feel secure with your choice.

De-Cluttering & Reorganization - Do you want to de-clutter? You're not sure where to start? Turn unwanted items into cash!

We can discuss de-cluttering your living space and reorganizing the items you want to keep. Your home will feel spacious and new again.

I can help. We'll work together. Give me a call today for a free phone consultation, on site consult fee is $25.00.

Sharp Estate Services, L.L.C. (SES) can conduct an on premise Estate Sale (Tag Sale) Moving Sale or Household Sale. We can handle the sale from beginning to end to assist you with years of accumulation. This will eliminate stress, burden and anxiety for the entire family. As baby boomers enter retirement age they're finding they need assistance to help downsize their own homes and to help their aging parents. In fact, at some time you, your friends, neighbors, co-workers and others in your community will need household liquidation or estate sale services. This is especially true for family & loved ones living out of town. We can also help manage the storage & shipment of cherished family heirlooms to your out-of-state home.  

Benefits of an Estate Sale:

Estate sales create a tremendous volume of buyers, demand a higher price point and more items are sold. The extra money an experienced agent can realize from just a few items priced right can sometimes pay the entire commission charged for the sale.

If the home is for sale, your Realtor may leave information at the check out desk for potential buyer review. In addition, we will place the price of the home in all of our advertising, including our ad featured in the Erie Times News both Saturday & Sunday.

Estate Sale / Tag Sale:

Estate Sales provide profitable results when downsizing. DO NOT throw anything away until we assess the situation. Buyers want to see a wide variety of items on sale day. The most successful sales include a mix of furniture and bric-a-brac, lower to higher priced items.

Prior to the Sale:

Organize the home (removing trash/debris prior to the sale), Cleaning, Pricing (research collectible & antique items to establish fair market value, clearly priced). Pricing the merchandise involves many factors. A good estate liquidator relies on an extensive reference library of antique and collectibles price guides, auction records, on-line reference sites and catalogues. As an agent we must consider desirability, quantity, quality, condition and location in arriving at a price.

Signage - Posting of signs on premise and local roadways.

All family heirlooms and personal items must be removed from the home prior to sale preparation.

Staging/Display - Items that are presented in a neat, eye-pleasing way will appeal to buyers and receive higher prices than a garage sale. We will provide tables, linens and display cases for small items insuring security.

Staging your home during an Estate Sale brings additional foot traffic! This helps to sell the home.


Website - Date, time, location (including map quest) with partial description and pictures of items for sale. Online -Direct Mail list to active client base, Newspaper - Various local area print, and Craigslist.

Day of the Sale:

Hosting - We will provide friendly, knowledgeable labor, and will station them throughout the home.

After the Sale:

Unsold items and sold items not picked up prior to end of sale will be disposed of at discretion of SES. Remaining trash will be removed, all signs will be removed, hard surface floors will be broom swept clean and the carpeted floors will be vacuumed. Carpet mask will be removed. The home will be ready for Realtor sale assessment or closing.

Delivery option is available to buyers for larger items purchased day of the sale. A delivery fee and delivery date will be arranged directly

with the buyer.

Fees: are tailored to each individual client and are clarified in advance with a written contract.

Contract: Most agents have a commission agreement which acts as a protection for both parties. This agreement covers all aspects of what can be expected from the agent and what is required of the owner. It affords the owner an opportunity to list things that must be made clear. Agent will go over their agreement thoroughly with owner during which time questions can be addressed.

The following items will not be removed by SES: Antifreeze, oil, tires, paint, hazardous or toxic chemicals.

We can sell all personal property including automobiles, boats, motor homes, farm equipment and everything in the house! These items will be rated at a lower commission structure. 

Buy Out: Allows for same day payment and prompt removal of items.

Donations: A donation to your favorite charity is tax deductible.

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